Painful Postbank – the address changing saga continues

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 23.06.34In early October, I told the story how fiendishly difficult it was to tell Postbank about our move from London to Frankfurt and update the address. After several attempts and branch visits, I though the issues were finally sorted. Little did I know.

A few days after a joint foray to a branch with my husband, we received a letter from the Postbank customer service in Hamburg. They asked us sign yet another form to get the address finally changed. Since it was a joint account they needed the signature of the two of us.

That struck us as odd. Why had none of the people serving us in the branch told us so? Had they not been aware of the fact that signatures of every party were needed when updating the address of a joint account? Anyway, we signed the form, posted it to Hamburg with gritted teeth and seriously considered leaving Postbank for good. But as we had already invested so much time in the Postbank experience, we wanted the reward.

But it was too early for this. A week later another letter from Postbank’s customer service in Hamburg arrived. Now guess what they wanted? They wanted us to sign another form and to send photocopies of our identity cards. This started to feel like a sick joke. We got in touch with the employee at the branch we had visited a few weeks earlier. We had signed forms, and he had taken copies of our ID cards. It took him a fews days to take care of our query. His answer was not what we wanted to hear. He told us we had comply with the latest wishes from Hamburg. No excuse and no explanation. We were speechless.

After a few days we regained our humour and thought: Okay, let’s give it another try, sign the documents, make photocopies and see whether it works. That was more than a week ago. So far we have not received any more letters from the customer service unit in Hamburg. Keep you fingers crossed. Maybe we are finally there and have everything sorted out. But we better not crow too soon.

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