Getting on the Frankfurt property ladder

Making the first first step on the Frankfurt property ladder took us – a mere weekend. We arranged ten viewings for two days, and number nine has become our new home: in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen, the ground zero of apple wine south of the river.

Our Frankfurt fact finding mission in May 2017

The battle plan for buying a flat wasn’t rocket science. I had started to scan the property portals quite regularly a couple of months earlier and concentrated just a few parts of Frankfurt: the Nordend and surroundings as well as Sachsenhausen.  My husband and I had lived in the Nordend more than 20 years ago during an internship in Frankfurt, and we loved it. And  several Frankfurt-based colleagues of mine recommended Sachsenhausen strongly. (Make sure to restrict the search on the northern bit north of the railway tracks – everything south is suffering badly from noise pollution from the airport!)

We were looking for flats in old buildings with high ceilings, double doors, wood floors and a balcony or garden – in something what is called an Altbau. We were willing to compromise on the part of town if we found the Altbau flat of our dreams. And we also included one newly built flat because we fell for the area. It was built in a backyard in a street which was lined with lovely Altbau houses in Rödelheim. Continue reading “Getting on the Frankfurt property ladder”